Empanadas in Sydney

We have the pleasure in introducing 4mates. A new vision for gourmet empanadas on the Australian cuisine. We believe that everybody will fall in love on the flavour, the smell and the colour of each empanada. We care of the quality of the ingredients plus hand-made processes.Empanada: the hand-held pie of Latin America

An empanada is a Latin American pastry turnover filled with a variety of savoury ingredients and baked or fried.

Order online and we deliver the  empanadas every Thursday

You can keep your empanadas in the freezer, don’t miss it.

Delivery charge starting from $5.00, local area. Extra charge apply based on distance.

 12 Large Empanadas 

Traditional size for the Argentinian empanadas. You can combine any flavour.

 24 Medium Empanadas 

This is the size that you normally see in some stores and shoppings malls. Ideal for parties, and events. These empanadas are coming on package of 24 empanadas with the same flavour.

 30 Small Empanadas 

Perfect size for cocktail empanadas. Ideal for cocktails and parties. These empanadas are coming on package of 30 empanadas with the same flavour.

Order Online

Please place your order 3 or more days  before the delivery. Remember at the moment we deliver only on  Thursday.

We estimate that each person could eat between 3 and 5 empanadas for lunch or dinner. So one dozen will be perfect for a family of four. If you would like to see how to cook an empanada (baked or fried) please see our section for Frequently Asked Questions.(also the instructions on how to cook are printed on the box)

Each empanada has 2 letters or different shapes to identify the filling. See on the right. ——>

View/Download the Code brochure for flavours.
We can organise the delivery in your suburb, please contact us for details, charge may be applied. We are located in Northern Beaches 

4mates empanadas box .                                                                                       4mates Cooler Bag


Events Catering.
Wholesale for Restaurants, Cafes, Pubs, Food Trucks, Delis and Bars.

4mates offers exceptional catering options for your next event. Could be corporate meetings, weddings, business lunch, birthday, office party or sporting event.

 If you would like to see how to cook an empanada (baked or fried) please see our section for Frequently Asked Questions.
We can send the empanadas frozen, so you can bake or fried later, or we can deliver them cooked.
Empanadas Beef, Ham & Cheese, Spinach & Caprese (tomate, cheese and basil), Onion and cheese and more

You can download our: 4mates Brochure

Contact our Catering/Wholesale department today if you have any question or special order at Catering Form.

4mates Food Trailer

4mates is in 4 wheels!


4mates in 4 wheels

4mates in 4 wheels!

4mates food trailer is serving empanadas and Latin-American food in the markets around Sydney. Follow us through social media to receive updates on our locations, dates and times.


4mates have catered for many events around Sydney including festivals, concerts, parades, sports venues and holiday parties. Contact us if you would like 4mates food trailer in your next event serving empanadas and Latin American Food.


Want  the food trailer just for your party? You can do that! Our catering service can be hired for any event or occasion with a tailored catering menu just for you. Contact us for your next event!


While we were missing empanadas in Australia, we had the dream to launch a gourmet shop selling our lovely food. A dream quickly evolved into an idea, which soon developed into a business concept. Opening at Sydney in 2015 4mates produces it artisan empanadas by hand and with the best ingredients, with love.

The name 4mates

4 mates = For mates = For friends = Para amigos

This means that we are doing empanadas for our mates.

4 mates = Four mates = Four friends = Cuatro amigos

We are a family of four, so we are four friends in 4mates.

4 mates = Four “Mates” = Cuatro mates

Mate is also a typical beverage in Argentina.


4mates logo 144The logo 4mates

4mates, the empanada as the bridge symbolises the link between the Latin American cuisine culture and Australia. (the Harbour bridge shape, a Sydney icon)

4mates Brochure

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