Empanadas in Sydney


We have the pleasure in introducing 4mates. A new vision for Gourmet Empanadas on the Australian cuisine.
We believe that everybody will fall in love on the flavour, the smell and the colour of each empanada.
We care of the quality of the ingredients plus hand-made processes.Empanada: the hand-held pie of Latin America.

We deliver to you frozen empanadas, so you can enjoy them fresh out of the oven whenever you want. 


Empanadas sizes


Ideal for family meals.
Traditional size for the Argentinian empanadas .

Approx. Size: 14 cm
                   You can combine any flavour from our menu                    

Two letters on the corner for identification
Minimum order: 1 box of  12 empanadas


Ideal for parties and events.
This is the size that you see in some stores and malls.

Approx. Size: 11 cm
These empanadas come in a package of 24 of the same flavour.

One letter on corner for identification
Minimum order: 1 box of 24 empanadas


Ideal for cocktails and events
Perfect size for tapas plate.

Approx. Size: 9 cm
These empanadas are only coming in a package of 30 units of beef.

No identification letter
Minimum order: 1 box of 30 empanadas



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4mates in 4 wheels





While we were missing empanadas in Australia, we had the dream to launch a gourmet shop selling our food. A dream quickly evolved into an idea, which soon developed into a business concept. Opening at Sydney in 2015 4mates produces it artisan empanadas by hand and with the best ingredients, with love.


4mates logo 144

4mates, the empanada as the Harbour Bridge, Sydney Icon, symbolises the link between the Latin American Cuisine culture and Australia. With the Salt and Pepper on the sides.

            Designed by Sol Cutrera 



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Mate is also a typical beverage in Argentina.

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