Order online and we deliver the frozen empanadas every Thursday! (after work)


It is only $36 the dozen.

Please order your empanadas 24 hours before the delivery.


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Remember at the moment we deliver only on  Thursday.

We estimate that each person could eat between 3 and 5 empanadas for lunch or dinner. So one dozen will be perfect for a family of four. If you would like to see how to cook an empanada (baked or fried) please see our section for Frequently Asked Questions.

Each empanada has 2 letters to identify the flavour. See on the right. ——>

View/Download the Empanadas Code brochure for flavours.
Free delivery in Northern Beaches.  In other areas if you order 3 dozens or more the delivery is free, we can organise the delivery in your suburb, please contact us for details. 





Packaging for the frozen empanadas

Empanada packaging2

Thank you for your support.

                         4mates team