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How to fried an empanada?

Steps to how to fried delicious empanada

Chill the frozen prepared empanadas for about 20 minutes prior to frying.They are easier to handle when firm
Heat the sunflower cooking oil 180 degrees, use good […]

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8:24 am8:24 am

Thank you 500 times! 1000 gracias

Thank you very much for all the likes in our  Facebook page: http://facebook.com/4mates4U

1000 gracias!!!

Please share and invite your friends to like our facebook page.

Thanks again, 4mates

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12:04 am12:04 am

4mates – the name and logo

4mates – the name
4mates has several meanings, we are doing our empanadas for friends (4 mates).

We are a family of four (4mates), who is doing empanadas for friends (4mates), and we are coming from […]

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11:09 am11:09 am

Celebrate the Argentinian flag day with 4mates empanadas

Churros rolled in cin filled with Dulce de Leche. (Churros for limeted time only).

See the event in our Facebook page.
Pre-order your frozen empanadas and save money at: http://4mates.arwen.com.au/order/ Deliveries in Northern Beaches every Thursday
Condition […]

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Fiesta Argentina en Tren a Bondi con 4mates empanadas

Estamos muy entusiasmados de proveer nuestras deliciosas empanadas de 4mates a la famosa Fiesta Argentina en Bondi el proximo viernes 20 de Mayo!
4mates will proudly provide our delicious empanadas to this Argentinian great event […]

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4mates delivers empanadas in Northern Beaches!

Now 4mates has delivery!!! You don’t have to wait until the next market once per month. You can order every week, and we deliver the frozen empanadas every Thursday. Please check the delivery map area.

Order […]

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11:05 pm11:05 pm

4mates has a dedicated phone for our customers! (9944 0365)

New Phone number (02) 9944 0365
This is our phone number: (02) 9944 0365 (365 days in a year you can call 4mates empanadas)
You can order frozen empanadas using our phone number. Please call us […]

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10:24 am10:24 am

Enjoy the Narrabeen Festival with 4mates empanadas!

Join us on the best Festival at Narrabeen Lake. Kids rides, Concert Band, Dance and 4mates stall offering the delicious empanadas, churros and more. Until late time ending with fireworks. Everything for a big […]

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10:16 pm10:16 pm

First anniversary is coming! Celebrate it with empanadas gourmet.

The Autumn is coming! Enjoy it with empanadas gourmet and Churros rolled in cin filled with Dulce de Leche
You can eat your empanadas at the beach, they are great and very confortable finger foods.

Pre-order […]

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9:15 am9:15 am

Let the stars be with 4mates

Thank you very much for your post in Facebook Cecilia!
“For-mates the best empanadas For-mates Empanadas. The rain tried to stop us from tasting these great empanadas at Berry Reserve Market Narrabeen but not even […]

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